Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Bedtime Story (6/5/2015)

Well, we've just had Star Wars Day and I talked in my last personal blog about my love of Doctor Who, so it feels right that this week's bedtime story has a sci-fi theme...

Jessica's Spaceship

Jessica's birthday was fast approaching.  Every morning, whilst they ate their breakfast, Jessica's mum would ask: "What do you want for your birthday, Jess?"

And every morning, Jessica would reply: "A spaceship."

Jessica was desperate to fly into space.  Her dreams were full of stars, distant planets and aliens.  She wanted to explore the galaxy, whizzing past comets and satellites.  She longed to walk on the moon.

On the eve of her birthday, Jessica's dad asked: "What do you want for your birthday, Jess?"  

And as she climbed into bed, Jessica replied:  "A spaceship."

The next morning, when Jessica woke, she went dashing into her parents' room.  Her mum and dad were already awake, bleary-eyed, but smiling.  On their bed was an enormous box, wrapped in sparkly, silver paper.  Jessica rushed towards the box and tore off the paper as fast as she could.  As she did, her eyes lit up.  "A spaceship!"

On the side of the box was a picture of a big, blue and white spaceship ride-along toy.  "You can really ride on a spaceship now," her dad said, proudly.  "We'll take it out to the garden after breakfast."

All day, Jessica rocketed around the garden, making whooshing noises and searching for aliens.  Her eyes were wide with excitement and her face was lit up with a beaming smile.  Finally, as the sun began to sink lower in the sky, she asked her dad: "Can I take my spaceship up to my room?"

Her dad chuckled to himself.  "Go on then," he said.  "Seeing as it's your birthday."

That night, as Jessica snuggled down in bed, she glanced at her spaceship one last time and smiled a happy, dreamy smile.  After such a busy day, she fell asleep quickly, but before long, she was awoken by a bright light.  

Jessica yawned and rubbed her eyes.  As she did, she was astonished to realise that the light was coming from her spaceship!

Jessica threw back her bed covers and jumped out of bed.  She sat on her spaceship ride-along toy and, to her surprise, she heard a voice, counting down:


Jessica felt a sudden breeze as her bedroom window burst open.  She reached out for her dressing gown and quickly tugged it on.


The spaceship began to rumble and move beneath her.  Jessica's mouth popped open in shock!

"4...3...2...1...BLAST OFF!"

The spaceship hovered for a few seconds, before zooming out of the window and up into the night sky!  Jessica clung on tightly, as she rose higher and higher.  She looked down and watched her house getting smaller and smaller.  Ahead of her were the stars she'd spent so long wanting to visit.  It had finally happened - she was in space!

Jessica whizzed past clouds of interstellar dust and watched satellites orbiting the Earth.  She zipped past planets and waved, shouting "hello," just in case any aliens heard...

Jessica saw the sun, so big and fiery in the sky, as she flew faster and faster than ever before.  She dodged comets and asteroids.  She zoomed around the rings of Saturn.

Finally, her spaceship turned and headed for the moon.  Jessica slowed right down and jumped onto the rocky surface, floating from foot to foot, shrieking with glee, before leaping right back onto her spaceship for one last blast through the stars.

All too soon, her spaceship began to fly back to Earth.  The sky grew lighter and lighter, until eventually, Jessica came shooting back through her bedroom window and landed with a bump.  She scrambled out and rushed to close the window, before jumping back under her covers.

Her bedroom door creaked open and her dad poked his head into the room.  "Is everything okay?"  He asked.

Jessica nodded, a wide smile still on her face.  "Yes," she told him.  

"I heard a bang," her dad insisted.

"Oh dad," Jessica laughed.  "You must have been dreaming."

And with that, Jessica turned over, closed her eyes and fell fast asleep.



  1. Oh Jessica, what fun you had----and no bad things happened or even scary stuff....... you got your wish and even were able to fool your father....pretty cool!!!!

  2. :D I really liked Jessica; I feel like I want to write about her again, sometime. :-)


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