Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Bedtime Story (5/9/2018)

This week, lots of little ones are starting school.  So, I thought I'd write a story about it!

As ever, this story is also available to listen to as a podcast.

"What Will School Be Like?!"

Tilly had one more sleep
Before she started school.
She wondered just how it would be?
Would there be lots of rules?
Would she like her teacher,
Would she make a lot of friends?
Would she have fun or dread the homework
When the day came to an end?

Tilly had her uniform
All laid out for the next day.
She wondered if she'd keep it clean,
Or get it dirty as she played?
Would she get in trouble
If she spilled things down her shirt?
Would she be comfortable
In her brand new shoes and skirt?

Tilly had a new lunch box,
She'd eat from every day.
She wondered who she'd sit next to?
Who'd go out with her to play?
Would it be noisy in the hall,
When they all ate lunch, together?
Would she have to go outside
Even in rainy weather?

Tilly had many questions
Swimming round her head.
She thought of books and teachers,
Maths and PE as she lay in bed.
She wondered if the school day
Would make her very tired?
Or would she come back home
Excited and inspired?!

Tilly had one way to find out,
She'd just have to go to school!
Learning lots of brand new things
Did sound pretty cool.
She'd find out just what school was like
When she went there, in the morning.
But first she knew she had to sleep,
So Tilly was soon snoring.

Tilly had her bag all packed
Bright and early the next day.
And before her breakfast was finished,
She wanted to be on her way!
The sound of laughter greeted her
As she walked into the playground.
And she spotted her friends from nursery,
Waving as she looked round.

Tilly had to listen out
For the ringing of the bell.
That told her school had started,
And she hoped it would go well!
She beamed and gave her mum a hug,
Using that hug as fuel,
Which would keep her safe and strong all day:
Her first day at big school!


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