Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Bedtime Story (9/2/2018)

Following on from last week's story about a sore throat, I now have some strange looking medicine to take and it has most definitely inspired THIS week's story, too!

As always, the story is also available to listen to as a podcast.

Sid's Medicine

Sid had been poorly in bed all day.
Nothing seemed to be going his way!
His head hurt, his throat hurt, his ears hurt as well.
Would he ever feel better?!  Sid couldn't tell.

But Sid had been to see a doctor, with Dad.
Dad told the doctor that poor Sid felt bad.
Sid had come home with medicine to take.
He hoped swallowing it down would cure every ache!

But when he opened the bottle, Sid frowned.
All his hopes were turned upside down.
The medicine inside had a sickly sweet smell.
It didn't make Sid feel particularly well.

And so "I can't drink this," Sid said,
And he folded his arms and shook his head.
There had to be something else to take, surely?
If this was the only choice, he'd rather stay poorly!

The liquid in the bottle was yellow and pale.
"What if it makes me grow fur and a tail?!
What if I drink it and spots break out on my head?!"
Sid cried out, as he hid in his bed.

"What if I drink this and it makes me sick?
That's no good; I want to get better, and quick!
Can't I go back and see some other nurse?
If I take this medicine, I think I'll feel worse!"

Dad poured some medicine onto a spoon.
"I'm sure you'll be feeling right as rain, soon.
Come on Sid, open up nice and wide!"
Sid clamped his mouth shut, keeping the medicine outside.

"It looks disgusting," Sid said through pressed lips.
"I don't want to take the tiniest of sips.
What if it makes all my hair fall out?"
He added, his face wrinkled with doubt.

"It'll make you better," Dad promised his son.
"Take a spoonful, Sid, please.  Just one!"
Sid pulled a face and turned his head away.
A defiant "no" was all he would say.

But Sid's head was really pounding, now.
He wanted to feel better - and soon - but how?
He took a deep breath and, pale and grim-faced,
Sid gave the medicine one tiny taste.

His eyes opened wide and he swallowed the lot.
"I thought it would be horrid, but it's really not!"
The medicine was actually far from gross!
In fact Sid couldn't wait for his next dose!

And sure enough, the medicine started to work.
Soon, Sid was sat up in bed with a smirk.
There were no nasty side-effects to worry about,
And before long Sid was well enough to play out.

Now Sid follows his doctors' advice to the letter!
He knows if he takes his medicine, he'll get better.
Whether it's gloopy, runny, yellow or brown,
Sid patiently swallows his medicine down.

And that's what all of you should do, too,
If you've got an infection, or even the Flu.
Just swallow that medicine, straight from the spoon,
And you'll be feeling much better, soon!


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