Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Bedtime Story (14/2/2018)

Seeing as it's Valentine's Day, I thought I'd share a bedtime story celebrating everyone who makes a difference to our lives.

You can also listen to this story as a podcast.

"For EVERYONE I Love!"

For weeks, Clare had been beavering away,
Secretly working hard.
Now, finally, it was Valentine's Day,
And she wanted to give EVERYONE cards!

"What's that pile on the kitchen table?"
Mum asked, when she came downstairs.
"I've made as many Valentine's cards as I'm able,"
Came the proud answer from Clare.

Throughout the day, she gave out her cards,
With a broad smile, bright on her face.
Pieces of paper, decorated with hearts,
Were handed out all over the place!

Of course, there was one for Mum and Dad:
The biggest and prettiest of the lot!
It read: "You make me happy whenever I'm sad,
You're the best parents anyone's got!"

Then came the second biggest card of all,
Addressed to the family dog, Beau.
It said: "I love it when we play with your ball,
And you excitedly wait for the throw!"

A card for Clare's grandparents was in the pile, too,
A pink one, with bright purple spots.
Clare said: "It's fun coming over to stay with you!
So this card shows I love you both, lots."

After that, the cards went all over town,
There were many more than you'd think!
And Clare gave them all with a smile, not a frown,
And even the odd cheeky wink!

There was one for the baker, whose cakes Clare adored,
And a card for her doctor as well.
One for the librarian, whose books Clare loved to hoard,
And for her nursery teacher, Michelle.

She gave a card to the old lady who lived down the road,
Who didn't get out all that much.
The old lady smiled so wide, her cheeks glowed;
And she told Clare she was "very touched."

There was a card for the policeman who'd found Mum's lost purse,
And for Dave, who played football with Dad.
One for Mum's friend Tara, the district nurse,
Who called it the best card she'd had!

When the last card was finally given away,
Clare yawned and snuggled up to her Mum.
She'd had a tiring, but really lovely day,
And what she set out to do, she had done.

"Now all those people who make a difference to me,
Know I simply can't thank them enough.
And what better way to say thanks could there be,
Than giving cards to EVERYONE I love?"

Clare was so tired from her busy day,
That once home, she went straight up to bed.
And as tucked under her duvet, she cosily lay,
Her Mum gently kissed young Clare's head.

"You're so thoughtful," Mum said with a beam.
"That was such a kind thing to do."
And as she tiptoed away, leaving Clare to dream,
She added: "We all love you, too."


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