Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Bedtime Story (6/12/2017)

It's officially my favourite time of year and that can only mean one thing: it's time for Christmas stories!  I hope you and your little ones enjoy the first of this year's seasonal bedtime stories.

You can hear this story as a podcast by clicking here.

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"What Does Santa Want For Christmas?!"

Every year, Milly knew
She had a special job to do.
On Christmas Eve, before bed,
The same thought popped into her head:
"Let's leave Santa a surprise!"
And she'd plate up one of Mum's mince pies.

But this year, she changed her mind:
"You know what would be really kind?
To give Santa's mood a festive lift,
We could leave a proper gift!"
Then Milly rubbed her chin and said:
"What would Santa like to get?"

Milly had lots of gift ideas,
Like brand new bells for his reindeers!
Or perhaps to keep the dirt at bay,
A tin of paint for Santa's sleigh?
As Milly's parents looked at one another,
Her ideas kept coming; one after the other:

Would Santa like a brand new sack,
For carrying presents upon his back?
Or some of those trainers that light up and spark,
To help him see when he walks in the dark?
Perhaps he'd need a new map of the world,
To help him find every boy and girl?

Milly's mind buzzed with a hundred thoughts:
"Maybe we could buy him some swimming shorts?
After all, when his work is done on Christmas Day,
I'm sure he'll need a holiday?!
Perhaps he'll fly off somewhere hot and sunny.
Maybe we should leave him some spending money?!"

But soon, Milly realised her plan had a flaw:
She ran to her room and flipped through her draw.
She rummaged through pants, t-shirts and socks,
Then emptied out her money box.
Milly's face grew sadder and sadder:
She couldn't afford a present for Santa!

"He won't know how grateful I am, will he?"
Asked a terribly sad, disappointed Milly.
But "of course he will," her parents told her.
"You'll understand that when you get older."
And Mum had an idea that was perfect, too.
"What if this year, the mince pies come from you?!"

So, on Christmas Eve, Milly rushed into the kitchen with glee,
As excited as a young chef could possibly be!
She mixed and she stirred, she scooped and she baked,
Until she was so tired, she was barely awake.
She held the tray of mince pies with her oven glove.
She knew they were special; made with love.

Suddenly, Milly knew that was the important thing.
And the feeling it gave her made her heart sing.
She may not have bought a big gift for Santa,
But now she realised that that didn't matter.
Milly climbed into bed and closed her eyes,
Dreaming of Santa - and of fresh, warm mince pies.


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