Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Bedtime Story (13/9/2017)

As someone who lives with a dog who can't always be trusted not to run off when he's not on his lead, this story has just been waiting to be written...

If you'd rather listen to this story, you can hear me reading it as a podcast.

The Runaway Dog

As a puppy, Digby Dog was always on the go.
And his energy didn't disappear as he continued to grow.
In fact, Digby was like a whirlwind all the time,
Darting round the house, driving Mum out of her mind.

If you threw a ball once, he'd keep you at it for hours.
He'd scamper round the garden, trampling the flowers.
He'd dig holes in the vegetable patch - messy, rough and deep.
He'd run wild for ages until he crashed out, fast asleep.

But Digby wasn't a naughty dog; he just needed exercise!
That's why he ran around the garden, jumping at the fence and chasing flies!
His morning stroll around the block simply wasn't enough.
He had energy to burn and for Digby, that was tough.

It meant he sometimes did things that made his family cross.
It wasn't really his fault; he just had energy to burn off!
What Digby really needed was to run: far and fast and free.
And so, one sunny morning, Digby slipped his lead.

He ran down the road, too fast for Mum to catch.
He bounded past the butchers, glancing for sausages to snatch.
He hurried past the hairdressers, where Gran had her shampoo and set,
Then cantered past the corner shop - but he wasn't done, just yet!

Digby was headed out of town, to a wide, green open field.
"Come back, Digby! Naughty dog!" Mum breathlessly squealed.
But Digby didn't come back, nor did he stop or slow down.
He wanted to dart across that field that overlooked the town.

And when his paws landed on that grass, oh! He was delighted!
Digby ran around and around, feeling ever so excited.
He wagged his tail and barked with glee; it was the best day he'd ever had!
But Digby didn't realise that Mum was getting MAD.

She dashed wildly behind him, holding out his lead.
And: "Come!  Come back here!" Digby heard her plead.
But all Digby wanted was to run and jump and play.
He'd stay out in that field for hours if he could have his way.

Still, after a while, Digby started to slow down.
He didn't like the way Mum's face was crumpled in a frown.
He was getting tired of doing all this running on his own.
So, Digby let Mum catch him and she crossly marched him home.

When Digby walked back through the door, he spotted his bed.
And suddenly, he realised he'd like to rest his head.
Unusually for Digby, he went out like a light,
And for several hours, Digby Dog slept tight.

He didn't bark at the postman, or dig the garden up.
Mum barely heard a peep from her normally boisterous pup!
Suddenly, Mum realised that a need to be worn out,
Might have been what Digby's naughty behaviour was about.

From that day on, she walked him longer,
And soon their bond became much stronger!
Now, he's the perfect pet - a really fabulous little chap!
Especially after walks, when he and Mum snuggle up for a nap.

And whilst he still gets excited and can't always calm straight down,
And sometimes, he still digs the garden or does things to make Mum frown,
After a good walk, you'll rarely hear a peep.
Just remember to keep your eye on him, when he wakes up from his sleep!


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