Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Bedtime Story (2/8/2017)

Sometimes, I think back on my childhood Summer holidays, whilst I had what felt like forever off school, and they already seem like a million years ago.  I know how quickly children get bored, these days, so I decided a trip down memory lane was in order; I may not be a granny, but there are certainly times when I feel like one!

As always, this story is also available as a podcast.

"My Granny's Summer Holidays"

We're on Summer holidays
And that means there's no school!
I don't go to school 'til September,
But having my big brother home is cool.

The trouble is, my big brother
Is already feeling bored.
He wants to go out every day,
To places we can't afford.

His computer game is broken
And there's nothing on TV.
He says he has nothing else to do at all,
Which doesn't seem right, to me.

But our Granny has come to stay,
And last night over tea,
She told us the things she did in the Summer
- and all of it was free!

She told us about going berry picking,
Filling bowls with juicy fruit.
Then she'd go home and bake a pie,
Filled with her freshly picked loot.

She told us about building secret dens,
In bushes and woodland nearby.
She'd take snacks and sit, hidden from view,
Pretending to be a spy!

She said that she'd play hopscotch,
Or hide and seek, outside.
She said these fun, outdoor games,
Were still the best she's ever tried.

She remembered making treasure hunts,
For she and her friends to complete.
She'd write lots of little clues,
That led to a biscuit or sweet.

She told us about making models,
Made from things she found in the house.
Or dressing up in her parents clothes;
Her dad's hat or her mum's blouse.

She said she used to paint pictures,
Or sometimes even climb trees!
She said she had no computer,
And she rarely watched the TV.

She told us she'd rather make up her own games,
Or spend her time running about.
She said: "Why would I just sit inside,
When it's much more fun to play out?"

She used to do jobs for her mum and dad,
That made her feel really grown up.
She'd sometimes do jobs for her neighbours as well,
Like walking next door's little pup.

She told us the holidays would fly by,
They'd be over before we knew.
And really, we were very lucky
To have so much that we could do.

"You've got lots of ideas now, I'm sure,"
Our Granny confidently assured.
So, whatever my brother and I do this Summer,
We certainly won't be bored!


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