Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Bedtime Story (7/9/2016)

Every now and then, I'm reminded of how lucky I am to live so close to so many beautiful beaches.  So, this story is dedicated to Cornwall.

If you'd like to listen to this story as a podcast, here is the link you need!

Bethany's Beach

If you really sit and think about it,
You've probably got a favourite place.
Somewhere that makes you feel the happiest.
Somewhere that puts a smile on your face.

It could be a park, a museum, or funfair,
Somewhere so exciting you screech!
But for Bethany Brown, there's just one place.
And for her, it's her favourite beach.

You see, the sand is oh so golden.
It's soft between her toes.
And Bethany's filled with a warm, happy feeling,
Every time that she goes.

The sea there is perfect to paddle in,
And there are plenty of shells to be found.
Bethany always takes a bucket with her,
To collect the treasure she finds on the ground.

When the sun is out and the sky is clear,
The sea seems to stretch out forever.
And Bethany and her Mum and Dad
Stand on the shore, skimming stones, together.

There are lots of caves to be explored,
And Bethany's been in them all!
Sometimes she makes dens in the big ones,
Or hides in the ones that are small.

The sand is just right for making castles,
Or playfully burying Dad's feet.
And on Summer days, the sand gets warm,
As the sun sends down waves of heat.

Bethany loves to splash in the sea,
Watching the waves bubble and foam.
And best of all, if she gets hungry,
She has an ice cream on the way home!

So, there's no doubt in Bethany's mind,
That the beach is her favourite place.
There's nowhere she would rather be,
In all of time and space.

So, tonight, as you climb into bed,
Before you fall into sleep's embrace,
Take a moment to decide for yourself:
Where is your favourite place?!

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