Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Bedtime Story (25/5/2016)

Sometimes, a silly story pops into your mind almost out of nowhere.  Such was the case with this one!  If you'd prefer to listen to this week's story as a podcast, please click here.

George And The Loose Thread

George sat on the sofa, watching cartoons.  As he watched, he absent-mindedly picked at a loose thread at the hem of his green jumper.  

"Stop picking that, George," Mum scolded.  "You'll make a hole in it."

"Picking what?"  George replied, still tugging on the thread.

"You've got your head in the clouds," Mum tutted.  "Stop picking at that loose thread."

But George went on picking, barely noticing what he was doing, until the thread grew even longer, wiggling its way out of the knitted wool, like a bright green worm.  By the time George went out to play, the thread was several inches long and hung down at the side of his leg, like a lopsided tail.

He left the house to go and meet his friend Jasper and on the way, the loose thread got stuck on the gate at the end of George's garden.  

But George didn't see.

George walked all the way down the road, with the thread growing longer and longer as he went.  And as the thread grew longer, his jumper got shorter, as the wool continued to unravel.

But George didn't see.

George sang to himself as he walked.  The sun was out and he was looking forward to a trip to the park.  As he turned the corner and left his road, the long, green thread trailing behind him got caught on a tree.

But George didn't see.

He strolled towards the park, stopping briefly to look at his watch, to make sure he wasn't late.  He only had half a jumper, now, but the sun was shining brightly and George was so wrapped up in his thoughts that he didn't even notice as his tummy began to appear beneath the unravelling wool.  As he entered the park, the thread he trailed behind him wrapped itself around a lamp post.

But George didn't see.

George got quite a few funny looks as he walked down the path towards the playground.  Children playing football stopped and stared.  But George was a friendly boy and he simply smiled and waved at them all.  As he carried on, with a grin on his face, the long, green thread snagged itself on a metal rubbish bin, halfway up the path.  The force made the thread unravel even faster.

But George didn't see.

George spotted Jasper waiting for him next to the swings.  He waved at his friend, but Jasper just stared at him, with his mouth open.  George wondered what Jasper was looking at.  He began to jog towards him and the thread behind him wrapped itself around a rose bush.

But George didn't see.

"Hi, Jasper!"  George grinned, as he reached the swings.  Everyone in the park gaped at him.  

Jasper shook his head, as if trying to make sense of the situation.  "George..."  He began, pulling a face.  "What happened to your jumper?!"

George looked down and saw that his jumper was completely gone!  He was standing in the park, with no top on.  Behind him, he saw the long, trail of green thread and his eyes widened.  

Laughing, Jasper hurried to the rose bush, where the end of the thread poked out of the top, like a stalk with the flower head missing.  "I think we should follow this," Jasper grinned, tugging on the thread.

And so the boys followed the trail; around the rose bush, down the path, past the rubbish bin, around the lamp post, out of the park, down the road, past the tree, around the corner and all the way back to George's garden gate.

As they walked, George picked up the thread and wound it around his hands.  By the time he reached his house again, his hand was completely covered in what was now very dirty, frayed wool.

When Mum saw what had happened, she had to try not to laugh.  "I can't believe you walked all the way to the park, without noticing," she told George.  "I told you, you've got your head in the clouds!"

"His head in the clouds and his jumper all over town," Jasper giggled.

"Come on in, boys," Mum said.  "You can play in George's room, whilst I set to work, knitting him a brand new jumper."

George grinned at his mum.  "I promise I won't pick at this one!"

As he and Jasper disappeared up the stairs, George's mum smiled, sighed and shook her head.  

But George didn't see.


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