Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Bedtime Story (3/2/2016)

Thanks to Edward Turns for the inspiration for this week's story and a big cuddle to my dog, Rusty, for playing the role of the title character - in my head, at least!

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Detective Dog

The house was quiet, the house was dark.
There wasn't a sound - not a whisper or bark.
But in through the front door, with a ghastly frown,
Crept Jackpot Joe - sneakiest burglar in town!

He'd planned his trip well, he knew what he was after
And as he tiptoed around, he almost burst into laughter.
There on the wall, in a frame, golden and round,
Was a beautiful painting, worth thousands of pounds.

Jackpot Joe had just whipped out his sack,
When suddenly, somewhere, he heard something crack.
See, there was something Jackpot Joe did not know:
This house was protected!  Burglars were a no-go!

Into the room, with a fearsome snarl,
bounded the family dog, whose name was Carl.
Now, Carl was a friendly, soppy young thing,
But he knew when his family needed protecting!

"Leave that painting alone," the dog angrily barked,
As Jackpot Joe tripped over his own feet in the dark.
"If you steal from us, I'll call the police,"
Carl continued.  "You'll be in a cell and you'll get no peace!"

Joe's eyes were wide, his whole body was shaking.
"A talking dog?!" He cried, in a mess of his own making.
He grabbed the painting and prepared to snatch it,
But one swipe of Carl's paw showed he was ready to catch it.

"I'm not just any dog, I'm a detective to boot,"
Carl said, as he surveyed Jackpot Joe's stolen loot.
"I'm the dog who keeps these streets clean,
By chasing away thieves and scaring bullies who are mean.

This is my patch and I'm very protective."
Jackpot Joe dropped the painting and looked rather reflective.
"Now get out of here quick," Carl snapped. "Before I wake my master!"
And Jackpot Joe legged it - faster and faster!

Just as the burglar disappeared from view,
Carl's family came down; they'd been woken up, too.
"Oh dear, Carl, why aren't you asleep in your bed?"
The family collectively yawned and said.

And so, Detective Dog was tucked up for the night,
Safe in the knowledge that everything was alright.
There would be no medal for the brave young pup,
But Carl would settle for a good belly rub.



  1. What a fine fellow Detective Dog Carl
    He protected the place by a firm paw
    and chased away the ratty bad thief
    He's a peach of a fellow who deserves a belly rub.....


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