Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Bedtime Story (23/9/2015)

I've been trying to write stories with something of a "message" lately, which is all well and good, but sometimes, you just want a bit of silliness...

Muddled Up Farm

Gather round, boys and girls! 
 We're going to Muddled Up Farm!
We're bound to see some funny sights,
So take a camera and stay calm...

We might see a cow laying an egg,
Or a chicken being milked.
We could see a pig driving a tractor,
Or a donkey spinning silk.

The farmer gets up early
And his first job of the day
Is to feed all the lions
With a fresh bundle of hay.

Then he visits the pig pen
And gives them milkshakes to drink.
Afterwards, he lets the ducks
Have a swim in the kitchen sink.

He shaves the giraffes and uses the wool
To knit a lovely sweater.
And later on, he dyes it pink,
So it looks even better!

Over in the paddock,
The horses are playing cricket.
Until a kangaroo falls out of a tree
And crashes into the wicket!

The farmer grows blue cabbages
And multicoloured corn.
When it's time to bring it in,
He blows a bright green horn.

Then all the sheep come rushing,
Armed with scythes and shears.
They cut down all the corn
And carry it home in their ears.

In another field, the farmhand works,
Sowing his new crop.
He's growing fresh marshmallows,
With chocolate sauce on top.

Another worker is picking fruit
Straight out of the tree.
Toffee apples and banana splits,
Enough for you and me!

They grow like that, fully formed,
Right there on the branches.
Another tree grows disco balls,
And around it, a bull dances!

Meanwhile, at the farmhouse,
The goats are baking pies.
Whilst high above the open fields,
the sheepdog happily flies.

He rides in a golden helicopter
And keeps watch on the farm.
If he sees anything unusual,
He barks a loud alarm.

But everything is unusual,
Here at Muddled Up Farm!
There's even a purple elephant
Blowing bubbles in the barn.

So have one last look around, friends,
Because we really ought to go.
Let's get a lift on the tractor
And let the pigs drive us back home.



  1. This is terrific. it is so smart and so cute. I think we can say, Mr. Seuss move away, because look 'round the bend, and Em's on her way!!!

    1. Oh, that's such a compliment, thank you so much! :D x


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