Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Bedtime Story (5/8/2015)

Hay fever, hay feveeeerrrr.. We know how to do it!

As much as I love the Summer, I have one little problem with the sun and the pollen-count...  Yep, hay fever!  So this week's story is dedicated to everyone who suffers from seasonal allergies - I hope it makes you smile.


Susannah was awake with the early sun rise,
With a tickle in her nose and an itch in her eyes.
Hay fever!  Allergies made her poor head ache,
No matter how many pills and potions she'd take.

"Come on, Susannah," her sister, Bess, cried.
"It's so hot and sunny, quick, let's go outside!"
But whilst Bess could lie and sunbathe for hours,
Susannah's eyes streamed thanks to pollen from flowers.

"ACHOO!" Sneezed Susannah, blowing her nose,
Whilst Bess danced round the beach with the sand on her toes.
"Achoo," Susannah sneezed yet again,
Whilst Bess built sandcastles and made a dark cave her den.

"I'll stop you sneezing," Bess promised her sister, 
As Susannah's nose ran and she started to shiver.
"They say you need to hold your breath,"
but Susannah simply shook her head.

"That's for hiccups," she insisted to Bess,
so her sister had another guess.
"Try sniffing on some peppermint oil."
Susannah opened a packet of mints and sniffed the foil.

"It's not helping, ah-ah-achoo!"
Susannah spluttered, starting to feel blue.
"Try tugging your nose, like you're pulling it off,"
Bess said, as Susannah started to cough.

But Susannah's nose simply turned bright red
And she continued to sneeze, with a shake of her head.
"That didn't work either," Susannah said. "What shall I do?
I just can't stop sneezing!  Achoo, achoo!"

"Try blowing your nose," Bess said, gazing out at the bay,
But Susannah sneezed mid-blow and her hanky flew away!
"Nothing is working," Susannah spluttered.
"Then we'll just have to get creative," Bess muttered.

"Try standing on your head with your sunglasses on,
Or try gritting your teeth until the sneeze has gone?
Maybe you could  try pinching your lip,
Or fill a bucket with seawater and take a small sip?

Perhaps you should sit with seaweed on your nose?
Or rub garlic all over your toes?
Try hopping on one leg and barking like a dog.
Or have a go at sitting as still as a log.

Go for a swim in the sea, if you're bold.
The shock will stop you sneezing, because the water's so cold!
Or cover your face with a scarf for hours,
So you can't even sniff the pollen from flowers."

Susannah sighed and she shook her head.
"I think I'm allergic to something else," she said.
"Your ideas are so silly," she tutted. "ACHOO!
I think I might be allergic to you!"


  1. The rhyming was good
    The rhyming was fine
    I hope the sneezes stop
    So you plus the sun can shine!


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